Daniela Paredes Fuentes


Oluwaseyi Sosanya


Pierre Paslier


Guillaume Couche


Our Vision

Materialize our ideas through a physical connection between the creative intent and physical output.

Gravity's story

Gravity started in London in October 2013 as a group project between four Innovation Design Engineering students of the Royal College of Art. Following our intuition, we developed a series of experiments that were questioning the creative process,  mental image visualization and limitation of the tools. Soon the first prototype of Gravity was born, and already caught the attention of anyone who got the opportunity to be part of the early tests. The project was further developed and eventually patented in February 2014. The Gravity team unveiled publicly their innovation on February 5th for the Royal College of Art WIP Show 2014. We are now actively raising investments for our patent pending innovation (UK Patent Application No. 1401974.9) with the strong vision that Gravity can change the way we create in 3D.